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Just a quick note to let you know that soon this blog has been migrated over to my .com. All the current content and new posts are available on

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Bubblegumkitten – Now on Twitter

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I have set myself up on Twitter. I have been resisting using it for some time under the general assumption that it mostly consisted of people describing in under 100 characters what they had for breakfast, then lunch, then how bored at work they are. But to be honest I didn’t really get this opinion from any reliable source, in fact it wasn’t from any source at all. I just found myself with this opinion and upon closer inspection it appears there is a lot of merit in the medium. Micro blogging seems to be more than just status updates – I hadn’t realised how much control users have over their visibility or over who they follow.

There are some great people and organisations with feeds. Computer arts, Brand republic and many more have great feeds on new articles – kind of a much prettier RSS feed with the ability to comment back and interact with the people posting.

So, after eating my proverbial hat I have set myself up with an account. Please feel free to have a look, follow my ‘tweets’ (not sure I will get used to calling them that – lets stick with ‘posts’) which will detail my latest blog posts as well as any links and articles I find which I do not have time to write about in enough detail to put up on this blog, see what I am up to and my work availability and much more! Well no more actually – but definitely the aforementioned aspects.

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